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Application Of Principal Component Analysis To Classify Normal Brain Tissue And Brain Lesions Like Low And High Grade Glioma, Metastases And Multiple Sclerosis

Principal Component Analysis ( PCA) an extremely useful method of Statistical techniques is applied when working with a lot of parameters or independent numerical variables to predict the different

Palisades Neural Tools Help Replace Gadolinium for Brain Tumors

Asansol-based Biswas X-Ray and Scan Centre is a dedicated imaging and research laboratory that specialises in brain tumours. Dr Tapan Biswas, a member of the Indian Radiological Association and founder of the Biswas X-Ray and Scan Centre, had been keen for some time to establish a protocol

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: Past, Present and Future

While the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is low among businesses, senior executives are aware that AI isn’t merely a hype. Enterprises across sectors are looking at the technology to see how to leverage it for their business. A Mckinsey report estimates that 40 percent of all the potential value that can be created

AI may facilitate personalized breast cancer treatment
By Erick L. Ridley, Auntminnie Stuff Writer

Artificial intelligence (AI) may create new opportunities to improve outcomes for breast cancer patients via treatments that can be adapted based on patient response, as well as targeted therapies based

Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging

Recent advances in AI algorithms have led to the thinking that AI may soon replace human radiologists. Researchers have developed advanced deep learning neural networks that are capable of identifying pathologies in radiological images like potentially cancerous lesions and bone fractures. In many cases, they are more reliable than an average radiologist.