Leading Your Organization to Responsible Care

Customers with busy ED/ER hospital environments, teleradiology departments, large academic centers, and other such institutions can achieve the following primary benefits:
Improvement in alert timing for
detection of acute positive ICH cases
Enhancement in the standard of
emergency, critical patient care

Five Steps to Spontaneous ICH Management

Notes from the Stroke frontier: Applying AI for Social Good

ICH is a major public health issue, accounting for more than two million strokes worldwide. It has a high mortality rate – 30% to 50% a year and about 40% a month. Mortality is especially high within the first 24 hours, stressing the importance of early detection. And less than half of survivors eventually achieve complete functional independence. The financial impact of early detection of ICH would be phenomenal given the fact that it contributes about $17.2 billion in the US healthcare system associated with stroke.

Detection of brain bleed using a CT scan allows robust integration into existing alert systems within the hospital, alerting physicians promptly whenever cases of ICH are detected. We ensure customers provide round-the-clock, highest quality standard of care, extending patient safety through prompt diagnosis anytime, anywhere.

Leveraging RAD365 technology infrastructure HaiLTH’s brain bleed solution guarantees that physicians can save up to or more than 80% of the time in treating the acute condition.