The Where and Why of Deploying AI in Five Steps

The lack of qualified physicians needed to interpret every chest x-ray in a timely manner inevitably results in reporting delay. Here’s where RAD365 leverages HaiLTH’s capabilities to automate the image interpretation process.

Our goal is to scale the AI solution in order to provide low-cost, accessible TB detection to vulnerable populations. Our zero-footprint solution requires no extra hardware support and is:

Fine-tuned to be appropriate for the local patient population
Trained for rapid reading and accurate reporting 24x7x365
Useful for screening patients with multiple symptoms with x-rays of varying quality and exposure

Cutting-edge Science and the Future of Tuberculosis

The magnitude of India’s TB crisis is evidently staggering with an estimated 2.8 million cases and being the number one cause of death among the citizens. If India is to achieve its goal of ending the country’s TB epidemic by 2025 then a disruptive approach to TB in the need of the hour – one that addresses the threat of MDR TB and finds opportunities to navigate the country’s fragmented healthcare system.

For years, the number of TB cases in India has increased continually while detection has consistently been low. This can largely be due to the fact that patients from the country’s urban slums and rural communities often do not seek service from the public healthcare system. Encountered with a choice between traveling to distant health facilities to take a single dose of medication and going to work to provide food for their families, patients tend to opt for the latter. RAD365 in collaboration with HaiLTH is looking to adopt the following measure:

Community-based approach

By taking examination directly to the hearts of the slums through mobile clinics. Such an approach enables patients to have themselves diagnosed and avail treatment regimens, leading to fewer patients remaining undetected. Instead of having patients travel to clinics, our model aims at taking low-dose portable x-ray machines directly to the patient. This is not only exclusive to the rural population but also accessible for the urban lot.

The machines are to be made accessible at nodal action points such as the following:
Government and private hospitals in cities, towns, and villages
Special government healthcare kiosks cities, towns, and villages
Mobile x-ray vans to cover towns and villages
Major chemical industrial belts

Having a test as sensitive as CXR with detection as rapid as HaiLTH’s AI tool, and a treatment that is shorter and able to eliminate dormant bacilli, will have a major impact on TB control. An effective vaccine for both pre- and post-exposure patients, including the ones who are HIV-positive, will radically alter the TB profile at the population level.